While trying to honor the memory of her father, a girl accidentally releases an ancient demon, and he's really annoying


I am a Game Design graduate looking to break into the video game industry. I have been making games for all four years of my education. I am also a writer, and I have written several short stories, plays, and some game design related writing. Here, you can find some examples of my work. 


Game Design 

A comparison between how the player experiences travel and backtracking in these two games.

A constantly evolving design for a flashy and high skillcap mage for League of Legends.

Short Stories

A girl finally finds and opens the mysterious box left behind by her mother who went missing several years ago. 

A guy with absolutely nothing going for him meets an intriguing stranger who promises to make his life interesting. 


In a world where literally everyone has super-powers, a guy attends a court-mandated support group for people with really lame powers. 

A guy dies and meets God... it's really not what he expected