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King of the Ring


A hard and fast party platformer where up to four players compete to grab hold of "The Orb." Weapons spawn in for the players to kill each other and claim the orb or themselves. I worked as a designer and programmer.




This is an MVP for a dating sim where you attend a party with guests from many different dimensions. This demo features a date with one of the party-goers. This was a team project where I worked as a programmer and writer. I worked on the system that advances the dialogue and keeps track of mistakes. 

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Hitbox is a difficult platformer where the player can attack nearby enemies in midair to get an extra jump- this is the core mechanic. This is a demo showcasing how the player will move through the levels.


I am a Game Design graduate looking to break into the video game industry. I have been making games for all four years of my education. I am also a writer, and I have written several short stories, plays, and some game design related writing. Here, you can find some examples of my work. 

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